Osprey Diaries: Survival of the Fittest

three osprey chicks in their nest

  My babies are starting to grow up nice and strong. And that’s what an osprey needs to be — strong. We must have strong eyes to see fish in the water from 100 feet in the air. We must have strong wings to let us take off from the water when we catch a Read More »

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Osprey Diaries: Content but busy

osprey holding a stick

I overhear a lot of humans talking as I sit in my nest and they pass by underneath, so slowly walking on their two legs. I had been sitting on my three eggs all afternoon when I heard someone mention me from below. They had stopped a little ways away and looked up at our Read More »

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Osprey Diaries: Three and counting

osprey looking up

My one precious little egg had been doing just fine, nestled in the soft fibers in our nest. The sod clumps brought home by my partner have built up into a nice little cup edged by plenty of large tree limbs that brace the nest and protect it from wind. Our egg was three days Read More »

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