Earth Day trivia quiz

Earth Day trivia graphic

  [wp_quiz id=”6653″] Creatures & Critters: Bearded Dragon Edition Meet Steve! Steve is a bearded dragon and is the Nature Center’s newest animal ambassador! Bearded dragons are native to Australia. Therefore, Steve is named after Steve Irwin, the Australian wildlife expert and environmentalist. Bearded dragons live in a variety of habitats including deserts and woodlands. Read More »

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What animal ambassador are you?

[wp_quiz id=”6319″] Are You Smarter Than a Naturalist? By kiley | April 13, 2020 Personality quiz: Which pollinator are you? By kiley | June 10, 2019 Earth Day trivia quiz By kiley | April 24, 2018 What animal ambassador are you? By kiley | February 26, 2018

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Can you tell which animal it is by its extreme close-up?

Close-up claws

[wp_quiz id=”6260″] Are You Smarter Than a Naturalist? To celebrate Earth Day, we wanted to cover a variety of topics and challenge you — are you smarter than a naturalist? [wp_quiz id=”9950″] Read More What kind of duck is it? [wp_quiz id=”9514″] Read More Earth Day trivia quiz   [wp_quiz id=”6653″] Read More What fish Read More »

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