Programs & Pricing

The Dickinson County Regional Collection Center (RCC) has established various programs for disposal of specific waste-streams. Items accepted at the RCC include: Electronics, waste tires, scrap metal, white goods and yard waste. All prices are subject to change.

Electronic waste Tires Yard waste White goods/Appliances
TVs (up to 19-inch screen) $2013-16 inches $7Per bag $0.50$12 each
TVs (20- to 27-inch screen) $2517-20 inches $12Trailer (one axle) $15
TVs (28- to 40-inch screen) $3021 inches or more $15Trailer (two axles) $30
TVs (41 inches or more) $35Semi tires $17Pickup $10
Miscellaneous & CPU $8Large agriculture - call for pricesSingle axle truck $30
Flat panel (less than 36 inches) $10If left on rim add $10 per tireDouble axle truck $40
Flat panel (37 inches or more) $15Roll off/garbage truck $60
Per pound $0.50Side dump $80

Guidelines for disposal

All tires must be clean, and appliances must be emptied.

Scrap metal is accepted but must be free of contaminants and manageable in size.

The RCC reserves the right to decline any item if it does not comply with written or verbal specifications for acceptance.


Wood chips & compost

The Dickinson County Regional Collection Center has wood chips and compost available for county residents, free of charge for those who load their own. Staff members are available to load trucks with wheel loader buckets (approximately 3-3.5 cubic yards) for $10. Loader is not always available so call for availability.

Wood chips are beneficial for planting and caring for trees and bushes by inhibiting weed growth and conserving moisture. Compost is beneficial to enhance soil fertility and lessen soil compaction.

Call 712-338-2549 or e-mail to check availability.

Bobcat sifting compost