Household Hazardous Materials for businesses

The following is a list of current prices charged to VSQGs for disposal of various types of hazardous materials. If your waste type is not listed, please call the Regional Collection Center (RCC) for pricing. The list is being provided only to illustrate costs associated for disposal and the RCC reserves the right to change pricing as deemed necessary. EPA amount regulations apply to all VSQG. Prices subject to change.

Waste material Price
Antifreeze$2.50 per gallon
Capacitors --- PCB$8.75 per pound (Max. 3.25 pounds each)
Chlorinated solvents$9.50 per gallon
Corrosives --- Inorganic, organic$2.75, $3.75 per pound
Flammable liquids --- Bulk, poisonous$2.50, $7.75 per gallon
Mercury$7.50 per pound
Paint --- Oil-based, aerosol, latex$2.50 per lb, $0.50 each, $2 each
Pesticides & fertilizers$2.25 per pound
Pesticides, dioxin-based$15 per pound
Oily debris$1.50 per pound
Oxidizers$3.75 per pound
Solvent-based adhesives/resins$1.75 per pound
ReactivesCall for quote
Flourescent --- tubes, bulbs$0.25 per foot, $1 each
Rechargeable batteries$10 per lb
Ballasts$3 each

Please call ahead for appointment to dispose of commercial HHMs.