Panoramic photo of construction area

2-28-18: The laminate flooring, which matches the flooring in the main level of the Dickinson County Nature Center, is being laid today, and it looks amazing! We're almost to the end of the construction process.

If you would like to donate toward exhibits in the new addition, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on "donate" and note that your donation is for Pollinator Paradise!


The finishing touches are being worked on in Pollinator Paradise. Wood ceiling panels are up, and the beams are being wrapped in cedar which will be stained to match the beams in the main portion of the building. The accent walls have been painted, and new doors are being installed to lead into the addition.

Money is still being raised for the exhibit portion of Pollinator Paradise! If you would like to contribute, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "donate." Let us know your donation should go to Pollinator Paradise. Thanks in advance!

beams wrapped


Happy New Year and happy construction progress!

Drywall, taping and mudding are almost done on the main level of Pollinator Paradise, and the lower level has already been texturized and painted. The doors from the current lower level to the new addition have also been installed. It looks wonderful.

pollinator paradise building construction


pollinator paradise ceiling construciton

Drywall in the lower level has been taped and mudded, and the ceilings and walls are nearing completion on the main level. Plus, siding is finished on the north side and half done on the front of the building. It seems like the project is making leaps and bounds in the past few weeks. Stop in to see all the awesomeness!


pollinator paradise building with siding

It's hard to tell from the road because the siding is so light-colored, but the back of the main level is sided! Plus, the gorgeous wood accents are up. Siding is going up on the lower level too, and the workers are protected from the bitter wind with plastic.


See the latest press release about Pollinator Paradise here.


construction of pollinator paradise

The sprayed insulation has already made a huge difference in the warmth of the construction zone, and we're sure the workers will appreciate that as the temperatures cool. Plus, the HVAC system has made progress, so soon it'll be as nice and toasty as the main area of the nature center.


hvac system in construction

The HVAC system is being installed, and recessed light hoods are being attached to beams that run across the ceiling in Pollinator Paradise. Wiring is also starting, so as the weather cools hopefully all the workers will soon have some heat to warm up with!pollinator hvac system in construction


windows in construction area

This is the week for windows. Both the upper level and lower level have had windows installed, making Pollinator Paradise truly look like a building instead of just a construction zone.

Plus, the electrician was on site today, and the county IT director is working on planning where Internet hook-ups will be.

Workers also began installing the ventilation systems, with vents going in on ceiling beams.



shingles being put upThe roof is complete, and the shingles are being installed. It's amazing to see how quickly progress is being made. The architect met here with the builder yesterday to go over layout of the beams, what the walls and ceiling would be made of, and next on tap is to make sure all the wiring is completed before drywall is installed.

full width pollinator paradise construction

Upper level exhibit area

The windows have all been framed minus one on the upper level east wall, which looks tall and skinny compared to the windows next to it. This will be the location of the indoor beehive, which will be moved to an exterior wall for ease of access from its current location inside the main section of the nature center.

Panoramic photo of lower level

Lower level storage area and future classroom space

Donations are still needed to complete Phase II of the project, which includes all of the interior children's museum-quality displays. Tax-deductible donations can be made out to the Conservation Foundation of Dickinson County and dropped off at the Dickinson County Nature Center or mailed to 2279 170th St., Okoboji, IA 51355 with a note that the donation should go toward the Pollinator Paradise project.