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What you can see and do

Honeybee Queen

Indoor beehive

View live honeybees up close in their hive as they forage, make honey, and build honeycomb. Learn there's nothing to be afraid of with honeybees and native bees.

Kids usingg the pollen launcher

Amazing Apples

Help pollinate apple tree blossoms using a pollen launcher or place pollen directly into a blossom, then see it move from tree to tree with the help of bees.

child on a slide

Honeycomb Climber

Pretend you are a honeybee and climb through human-sized honeycomb. You can also dress up as this awesome pollinator.

child playing with crafts

Fantastical Food Truck

One in three bites of food that we take is due to pollinators. All of the faux meals in the food truck have ingredients we wouldn't have without pollinators!

Butterfly enclosure

See the live butterfly life cycle each summer. Watch caterpillars grow 1,800 times larger before becoming chrysalides and hatching into adult butterflies before being released into the wild.

child playing at Nature Center

Build a Pollinator

Re-create a real pollinator using model body parts or get creative and build a super pollinator!

Learn about pollinators

bumblebee gathering pollen


monarch on a coneflower


hummingbird moth

Other pollinators

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