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Dickinson County Parks Event Application Form

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Park Event General Information

Will there be any registration/activity fees charged?*
Will there be a free will offering or donation?*
Will there be any food sold at the event?*
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Set Up / Tear Down Information

Will the sponsoring organization require access to the park between hours of 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. for event set up or tear down?*

Special Event Permit Requirement

Some qualifying events on Dickinson County managed parks, recreation areas, or state forest land may require a special event permit. If your event meets one of the following criteria, a special event permit will be required and you will need to complete the rest of the application:

1. An organized race, tournament, exhibition or demonstration, or other planned event in which an admission fee is charged, prizes are awarded, or competition occurs between participants
2. A planned event that, due to its nature, potential or actual size, or length, would likely adversely impact the use of the area by the public
3. An event in which there is a free will offering or donation request
4. An event in which private vendors will be selling food, souvenirs or other merchandise.

NOTE: Groups who co-sponsor/partner with the Dickinson County Conservation Board on an event must have a special event permit if you charge a registration/activity fee, accept donations or free will offering, fund raise, or invite private vendors to sell food and other items at the event.
Please list the names of the vendors and the type of concession (food, souvenirs, etc.)

Additional Information

Are you a participant in the State Lands Volunteer Program?*
Will there be a need to dig in the ground for any reason?*
Will stakes be used in the ground?*
Will there be any tents larger than 30’ x 30’?*
Will any temporary equipment or structures be installed/placed on site?*
Will port-a-johns be required to accommodate the anticipated size of the event?*
Will electricity be required for the event?*
Will the event utilize portable radios for communication?*
Will medical or fire personnel be on scene for the event?*
Is there an emergency response plan for the event?*
Dickinson County Conservation Board will review the application and provide a written authorization or special event permit that outlines the terms and conditions for the event.