Adopt-a-Roadside through Dickinson County IRVM

Learn what it means to Adopt-a-Roadside through Dickinson County Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management

The objective of this voluntary program is to increase public awareness of the environmental and maintenance needs along Dickinson County’s roadways by using adopted sections of roadsides as an example of the opportunities available for the public to improve the condition and appearance of our County.

There is a clear need to improve the quality of our roadsides. This improvement will take the form of litter pick-up. This activity is generally labor intensive, expensive, and often considered a low priority to pavement maintenance or public safety needs. In order to provide the most effective management of County roadside areas, participation by public service and private groups is encouraged.
The Adopt-A-Roadway Program allows groups or individuals to adopt a specific section of a County road. Through this adoption, they assume responsibility for any or all of the eligible items listed below. The available activities have the potential to:

  1. Reduce litter along Dickinson County’s roadways
  2. Enhance the environmental quality and beauty of our roadsides
  3. Build broad-based community support for anti-litter and Iowa beautification programs

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