Where do animals go when it rains?

wet deckIt may surprise you, but the rain doesn’t bother as many animals as we would think. With the rain we have finally gotten over the last couple of days, it made me wonder where animals went during the rain.

I learned that it depends on the animal and the personality of the animals. In one article that looked at wild animals and animals in a zoo, it seemed the personality of the zoo animal mattered more than you would think. When it comes to wild animals though, we don’t know their personalities as well so we just have to guess.

Birds can fly in the rain but it’s not always easy. For birds, air pressure is important for them to be able to fly. When a rainstorm moves through, it messes with the air pressure and this can make it difficult for birds to fly. They will fly short distances for food though.

Some birds don’t mind the rain and will keep eating on the feeders despite the rain. If you watch the bird feeders at the Nature Center during the rain, you will see a few birds hanging around and eating up the birdseed.bird at feeder in pergola

Some animals like to hide from the rain. You won’t see too many squirrels or furry animals out. They might be out, but they would become very wet with the rain. Many furry animals are able to give a shake and throw off all the water. They will be dry in seconds. Your dog will do this same thing if they get out of the lake or the bath. It makes the animal dry but everything around them wet.

Bees on the other hand try to stay out of the rain. They can fly in the rain but if you think about the size of a bee compared to how hard it’s raining, the bee could be knocked down. If a bee is out of the hive, it will seek shelter and then return to the hive once the rain has subsided. Bees will stay in the hive during the rain if they can. They will be reassigned their jobs because bees can’t sit idle. Everyone must help in the hive.

Many animals have their own way of dealing with the rain. Some don’t mind the rain and some don’t want anything to do with it. It mainly comes down to the individual species and their adaptations. Some can shake off all the water and some use their surroundings to keep them from getting too wet. Either way, animals have found a way to combat the rain and stay safe and comfortable.