A Simple Butterfly

Our craft of the week is a butterfly in hopes spring will continue to warm up. This butterfly is one that caught my eye on Pinterest because it looked quite simple to make so I’m going to share how you make it.


Simple Butterfly supplies


  • Paper of any color you like
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Compass/paper clip
  • Stapler


Simple Butterfly step 1-1 Simple Butterfly step 1-2 Simple Butterfly step 1-3

Step 1:

Start by picking a spot on the paper where you will draw a circle. I didn’t have a compass so I used two different-sized paper clips. Start by putting one pencil in the middle then put the other pencil in the paper clip and drag it in a circle.


Simple Butterfly step 2

Step 2:

Cut out the circles you just drew.

Simple Butterfly step 3-1 Simple Butterfly step 3-2

Step 3:

Fold the bigger circle in half, then in half again. Do the same to the little circle.


Simple Butterfly step 4

Step 4:

Put the little circle on the big circle so the curved sides match up as close as they can.


step 5-1

Step 5:

Staple them together.


Simple Butterfly step 6-1 Simple Butterfly step 6-2

Step 6:

Then, on the creases of the fold, push them in to open the wings up. It might take a few tries to get them to stay open but that’s okay!


Simple Butterfly step 7

Step 7:

If you want, add antennas to your butterfly. Cut out a thin strip of paper, fold it in half and slip it under your staple. Then curl the ends by wrapping them around a pencil or the end of the paper clip.


There you have it. How to make your own little butterfly. Make one or make 10 to have a little butterfly party. These butterflies are cute and little so you can’t go wrong. You could even make them bigger or smaller based on the size of the circle you draw. This butterfly craft is fun and easy to make. Have fun with this butterfly and remember, spring is here even if it’s not very warm yet.