Draw a Flower Craft

The craft for this week is relatively easy and a little educational. Our blog post earlier this week featured the parts of a flower and what they all do while also talking about the ephemeral flowers that pop up first in the spring. This craft draws on that theme as well. Today, we get to draw a flower and label all the parts.

Flower Craft supplies



  • Regular paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers/Sharpie markers
  • Coloring utensils
  • Scissors


Flower Craft step 1

Step 1:

You’re going to start by drawing a flower with your pencil. It doesn’t have to be perfect, mine isn’t. You can draw whatever kind of flower you like. I just had three petals because it looks like a flower was cut in half.


Flower Craft step 2

Step 2:

Now you’re going to add all the internal structures. This includes the stamen and the pistil. When it’s drawn in pencil, it looks a little funny but once you add color, it comes together nicely.


Flower Craft step 3

Step 3:

Now you can add the color. I did the basic green stem, yellow structures and pink petals. Feel free to color it however you want. Make it fun. This is a craft after all.


Flower Craft step 4

Step 4:

Once you have it all colored in, trace the lines with your marker. I used a Sharpie marker because I colored my flower with crayons. Not much can draw over crayon but Sharpie did the trick.



Step 5:

Next, go in and label the parts of the flower if you want. I used the diagram from our blog post about the Parts of a Flower to get these right. I wrote some with a pen and some with the Sharpie so take your pick of what’s going to work best for your drawing.


Flower Craft step 5

Step 6:

If you would like, cut out your flower. I liked it because it felt more like a flower that way but you don’t have to.

Flower Craft step 6

Now you have your own flower with the labeled parts so you can show them off. Teach everyone about the parts of a flower as the real flowers begin to bloom. If you make your own flower, share it with us! We would love to see your flowers!