Blanding’s Turtle Craft

The Blanding’s Turtle is an endangered species of Iowa. This means it is illegal to take them out of the wild. But these turtles are pretty dang cute and you can make your own. It’s really easy and fun because you get to decorate it however you want.



  • Brown paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloring utensils for decorating


Step 1:

Take the brown paper and draw a circle on it. Cut this circle out.


Step 2:

Cut that circle in half. This will become the shell.


Step 3:

Then you’re going to cut out rectangles that will become the head for your turtle. I folded them in half and then on the connected side, I rounded the edges off.


Step 4:

Glue the brown and yellow paper together. This will become the head of your turtle. The yellow is technically the bottom of the turtle’s head because they have a yellow chin and neck.


Step 5:

Cut out two more rectangles for the legs. You’re going to do the same thing as what you did to make the head. Just round off the ends.


Step 6:

Then you’re going to glue everything together. The legs, head and tail will be glued onto one shell and then glue the other shell on top.


Step 7:

Now, my favorite part. Stick the googly eyes on.


Step 8:

Fold the first and third leg up, then flip the turtle over. Fold the second and fourth legs the other way. This will be how your turtle stands up.


Step 9:

Add your own designs. Add the scutes and yellow markings.


Now you have your very own Blanding’s Turtle. My turtle guy doesn’t stand up very well but I still love the way he turned out. If you make your own turtle, tag us or leave it in a comment! We would love to see it!