With the American toad being the animal of the week, how could we not make an origami jumping frog. I learned how to make these when I was in middle school and for some reason, it has stuck with me. It’s one of the best crafts I’ve done because you get a jumping frog from it. Most of the other crafts are just cute and I have sitting on my desk somewhere but this one is fun. Let’s get started!


  • A 5×7 notecard or a rectangle-shaped piece of paper.
  • A brown coloring utensil to give it some coloring at the end.


Step 1:

This is the easiest step, fold the notecard in half. Fold it on the long side like a hotdog bun. Then you’re going to open it back up to prepare for the next step.


Step 2:

Once you’ve unfolded your notecard, you’re going to take the top right corner and fold it down. (See picture) Then you’re going to unfold that, and do the same thing to the left side. This will leave you with an X on your notecard.


Step 3:

You’re going to turn your notecard over, so if the lines are on the front, turn it to the blank back and you’re going to fold it over. The line should run horizontally through the middle of the X. You’re then going to open it back up and turn it back to the side with the lines, or whatever your “front side” is.


Step 4:

Now this part is tricky, you’re going to take the top with all the lines and fold it so it turns into a triangle. The lines from the bottom of the X will fold out, the middle, horizontal line, will fold in, and the top lines of the X will fold out.


Step 5:

Next, fold the bottom corners of the triangle to the top, these will be your front legs. You’re going to to this to both sides of the triangle.


Step 6:

You’re going to take the sides now and fold them in to make it a nice little rectangle. You’re going to do this to both sides.


Step 7:

Next, take the bottom and fold it up. I take the bottom to about the “elbows” of the frog. Then take that fold and fold it back one more.


Step 8:

Fold over the legs to give your toad a better stance. You don’t have to do this part but it gives a bit more stabalization. You’re going to do this to both sides of the legs.


Step 9:

Now your toad is pretty much done! All that’s left is to give him some color.


Now you can gentely push on the top of the back legs to make him jump! These guys are fun and easy to make. If you make your own toads, let us know on social media! We would love to see them!