Do you want your very own bunny? Me too but they’re a lot of work so I have opted to have my own bunny in origami form. You can do the same if you follow the instructions below.



  • A square piece of paper
  • A black pen or marker
  • A pink pen or marker


Step 1:

Fold two corners together at a diagonal.


Step 2:

Take the triangle you just made, fold it in half to make a crease but then open it back up.


Step 3:

Take the bottom of the triangle, fold it up so it looks like a boat. This can be folded as wide or as skinny as you want as it will make the ears. This is a design choice for you.


Step 4:

You’re going to take each corner and fold them up to the top of the triangle. This will make a diamond shape.


Step 5:

You’re going to take the bottom point and fold it over. This will make your bunny stand upright.


Step 6:

Take your pen or markers to give your bunny a face. I like to color in the ears too. You can give your bunny long whiskers or just draw little dots where the whiskers will grow from.


Now you have your very own bunny. If this doesn’t suffice, come visit Bindi the mini rex rabbit here at the Nature Center. She is our animal ambassador bunny and loves when people come to visit!

If you make this bunny, share it with us and we’ll share it on social media. We are so excited to see you make this craft.