Bobblehead bunny

Bindi the bunny hardly ever sits still.

The Dickinson County Nature Center animal ambassador likes to chew and play, and if you do catch her lying down she will immediately get up and bound around her enclosure.

So it seemed appropriate to have a craft that also doesn't sit still --- a bobblehead bunny.

bobblehead bunny

To complete the craft, you'll need:
A printable template (download hereopens PDF file )
Pink, red or purple markers

Begin by printing the template and cutting out the pieces. Cut the small rectangle in half.

Color the bunny's nose and interior of the ears. You can even color the entire bunny if you don't want it to be white.

Roll the large rectangle and secure it with tape. Flatten out the front so it is now a teardrop shape.

Tape the feet to the bottom of the rolled piece and the ears to the back of the heart-shaped face.

taped pieces

Cover the small rectangle with tape to make it sturdier and fold it like an accordion. Fasten one end of the accordion to the front of the rolled piece and the other end to the back of the head with tape.

There you have it --- a bobblehead bunny!

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