Paper plate toad

Toads are such overlooked creatures.

They're a little lumpier and a little drabber than frogs, so they tend to be viewed as not as cute.

However, we love toads! So we wanted to make a fun toad craft that you can do at home.

paper plate toad

You'll need:

A paper plate
Crayons or markers
Brown construction paper
Glue or tape

Begin by folding your paper plate in half. Open it up and color half of the interior pink and add a red tongue, for the inside of the toad's mouth.

paper plate colored like inside of mouth

Fold your paper plate down again and color the paper plate brown. Add nostrils and eyes.

Cut construction paper into four strips. If you don't have construction paper, color computer paper the same brown color that you colored the paper plate.

Accordion fold each of the four strips of paper.

accordion strips of paper

Glue each of the strips on the back of the toad to make legs.

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