Dickinson Recycling Center accepting only green waste amid COVID-19 restrictions

The Dickinson Recycling Center in Milford will only take green waste until further notice.

For the safety of the community and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dickinson Recycling Center will be restricting person-to-person contact by accepting only green waste, such as grass, leaves and brush, as of Monday, April 6. No other materials will be accepted at this time.

A payment dropbox will be set up in the office window. A two-way speaker system will be on hand when staff is available, otherwise payments may be put into an envelope and placed in the dropbox for green waste disposal. Only cash or check payments will be accepted.

Yard waste is $0.50 per bag, $10 for a one-axle trailer or pick-up, $20 for a two-axle trailer or single-axle truck, $30 for a double-axle truck or $60 for a roll-off or side-dump truck.

These measures will stay in place until further notice. Please check www.dickinsonrecycling.com for the latest updates.

The Dickinson Recycling Center is open for green waste disposal 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For questions, please call 712-338-2549 or e-mail recycle@co.dickinson.ia.uscreate new email.