Boredom Busters: Horseshoe Bend edition

Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area has a myriad of offerings for those looking to recreate outdoors, but we wanted to share five of our favorite, including some ideas that are out of the ordinary.

grassy tubing hill1.Challenge someone to a race.

The tubing hill at Horseshoe Bend is fun in the winter, but it can offer fun even when the snow has melted. Challenge someone to see who can race up the long, steep hill the fastest.

Make sure to bring some water — conquering the hill is not an easy task, we promise you!

deer track in mud

2. Track wildlife.

Horseshoe Bend is full of wildlife. Step into the oak savanna, and you’ll hear all kinds of the songs of birds, the honk of geese, the rustle of small mammals and the plunk of frogs jumping into the Little Sioux River and its oxbows.

Watch the mud for tracks of what has been around — is it deer, with their easily identifiable hooves? How about raccoons and their prints like little hands? Do you see the long tracks of bounding rabbit feet?

3. Go fishing.

Always be careful of Little Sioux River water levels, especially during rainy seasons like spring. However, you can enjoy several spots along the river where you can test your angling skills and try to bring home some dinner.

trails map kiosk

4. Take a hike.

Dickinson County has lots of paved trails, which are wonderful and easily accessible. When socially distancing, you might want to space out from people a little more, and Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area offers several miles worth of trails that will get you out and enjoying nature all by yourself, or with your family.

Plus, Horseshoe Bend has challenging trails that wind up and down through the terrain, so you’re sure to get a workout in too. Make sure to wear waterproof or mud-proof boots!

5. Go for a ride.

Have a horse and need a place to go for a ride? The north side of Horseshoe Bend has equestrian trails that are perfect for you and your equine partner. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the views.