Top 10 activities to do outside when social distancing

Tired of being stuck in the house but want to make sure you’re following COVID-19 guidelines and not gathering with others?

Then head out to a wild area and try out these awesome activities. They will work your body and brain, and hopefully being outside will help boost your immune system too!

leaves making a heart in the snow

Shape Walk

Challenge your tots, or your older children, to use their observational skills and see how many shapes they can find in nature. A diamond? A square? An oval?

Nature Bingo

While you’re out walking take along nature bingo card — available at this link — and see who can get bingo first!

arrow made out of acorns

Nature Art

Andy Goldsworthy is an intriguing nature artist who makes art, takes a photo and then leaves his art behind. From piles of leaves that look like three-dimensional pits to rocks balanced in arches, his art inspires you to head outside and see what you can make with the items that you find around you.

woman with a nature bracelet on

Nature Bracelet

So many kids love to bring home trinkets, whether they are visiting a museum, a mall or a park.

But moms often discourage bringing home more stuff that will just lie around. However, we have a fun solution for picking up tiny items on your next walk, and this way kids can wear their findings proudly — a nature bracelet made with duct tape. See instructions here.

Scavenger Hunt

Print off our scavenger hunt or pull it up on your phone here and see how many items you can check off during your walk.

Read a story

Sometimes simply changing your scenery can make things more fun. Take a couple of nature-themed books from your own library, grab a blanket and read a story while actually in nature.

turkey made from leaves

Leaf Turkey

OK, so it’s not fall. However, we made a fall turkey craft that you can still do today. Gather leaves while you’re out walking and bring them home, dry them off and create your own cute turkey. Turkeys are fun in any season! Find directions here.

Sun Catcher

As the snow melts away, there is a lot to be discovered. Maybe it’s a snakeskin from last season, preserved leaves, grasses starting to push above the soil, grass seedheads — you can collect a variety of small items and take them home to make a sun catcher to put in the window. It is sure to brighten up your windows this spring! Find directions here.

Craft project of tree with leaves

Giving Tree

When you’re not necessarily feeling grateful for what’s happening in the world, it doesn’t hurt to think about what you still have to be thankful for. Find some leaves outside and create a giving tree, then challenge yourself to write down at least 10 things that you’re thankful for.

Color Match Trek

Come up with a list of your 10 favorite colors, and see how many of them you can spot on your walk!