Male or female? How to tell if a monarch butterfly is a boy or a girl

During monarch tagging at Dee's Bee & Butterfly Festival, taggers often get to choose whether they want to tag a male or a female monarch butterfly.

Then the next question is, how do the staff helping with tagging know the difference?

There are two very simple ways to tell apart a male and female monarch butterfly. First, male monarchs have a spot on each hindwing.

male monarch butterfly on green background

Male monarch butterfly

Scientists are not sure what physiological purpose that these dots have, but they definitely mark a male. A female monarch butterfly does not have these dots.

female monarch butterfly on yellow flowers

Female monarch

You might have noticed in the above photos that not only does the female not have the hindwing spots, it also has thicker veins --- the black lines that run through the wings. Males have thinner lines while females have thicker lines.

monarch butterfly on green leaf

Female monarch with thicker veins

monarch butterfly

Male monarch with thinner veins

Now when you see a monarch in the wild, you can tell if it's a male or female!

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