Bee pencil topper

All kids use pencils at school, but many times those pencils are plain yellow and don’t allow for much inspiration.

We took pencils to the next level with our bee pencil toppers at the 2019 Bee & Butterfly Festival, and now you can make your own.

Simply click here to download a free PDF template for six pencil toppers.

boy coloring a bee with markers

Cut out each bee along the exterior lines, and color your bee in any design you would like. It doesn’t have to be black and yellow — did you know that native bees can come in all different colors from bright blue and green to striped red and brown?

girl at craft table

Then cut a slit on the top of the first stripe and the bottom of the first stripe. Fold that strip back and slip the pencil through the opening.

There you have a cute and creative pencil topper!

girls dressed up as bee and butterfly