Bald eagle toilet paper tube craft

The bald eagle is the national symbol, so Independence Day week is the perfect time for a bald eagle craft.

bald eagle craft

Plus, why not reuse some materials while you’re doing it?

For this toilet paper tube bald eagle, you’ll need just a few supplies:
Empty toilet paper tube
Black, white, yellow/orange cardstock
Googly eyes (optional, or marker)


Begin by cutting the black cardstock into a rectangle about three-quarters the height of the toilet paper tube. Glue both ends of the rectangle and wrap them around the toilet paper tube so that the rectangle glues to the tube as well as to itself.

Cut the white cardstock — we actually recycled the white cardstock too; it has a bird print on the other side — to fit the gap at the top of the toilet paper tube. Glue both sides of the rectangle and wrap so that none of the brown toilet paper tube is still showing.

Put your googly eyes on the front of the bird.

partially completed bird

Cut two almond-shaped pieces from the black cardstock and glue the top of each. Stick each wing to the sides of the bald eagle.

Cut a triangle from the orange cardstock and fold the back edge. Trim the corners off the back edge of the triangle so that they won’t stick out when glued. Glue the folded edge to the front of the eagle, beneath the eyes, so that the beak sticks out three-dimensionally.

cut beak

Cut two tulip-shaped pieces from the orange cardstock, then trim out toes/talons. Glue those to the inside of the toilet paper tube and fold outward so they are flat when the bird is standing.

Fly your bald eagle around to celebrate America this Fourth of July!

bald eagle

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