Free fun in the Nature Playscape

Open all day every day, the Nature Playscape is a perfect place for families to enjoy the Okoboji outdoors.

Located in Kenue Park, just outside the Dickinson County Nature Center, the playscape offers a variety of recreational play items.

child running out of a tunnel

“Just another one of our free offerings, the Nature Playscape is a hit with kids of all ages,” said Kiley Roth, community relations coordinator for the Dickinson County Conservation Board. “We started the playscape several years ago and have continued to add new and fun activities.”

The Nature Playscape is surrounded by logs on which kids can walk and climb, and a set of uneven beams offers more balance opportunities.

Test your strength by rolling cable wheels or your agility on the rope net that leads to a fort overlooking the Nature Playscape wetland. Escape into the underground tunnel or cross a swinging bridge.

child crossing a swinging bridge

Kids can also get creative by building their own fort from branches and tree cookies, by making music with wooden instruments or by creating an imagined scene in the sandbox.

“The Nature Playscape really lets kids play in whatever way they want,” Roth said. “Maybe you have an active child that needs to run off some energy. The playscape has plenty of areas to run, balance and climb. Maybe you have a child that loves to escape into imagined worlds. The playscape is the perfect place for that too.”

Kenue Park also offers mowed and paved trails, live trumpeter swans on the wetland, a glacial kame to climb and the 18-hole Okoboji Gold Disc Golf Course, which are all open daylight hours, seven days per week like the Nature Playscape.

“Even if the Dickinson County Nature Center is closed, we encourage people to come have fun in Kenue Park and at the Nature Playscape,” Roth said. “We love having free offerings that people of a variety of ages can enjoy in all seasons.”

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