Egg carton butterfly

I saw a funny meme about looking for recipes online and having to click on a post that instead of giving you the list of ingredients instead goes through “When I was senior in college, I walked down the long and misty concrete pathway and across a spring green lawn filled with bright dandelions….”

So I will spare you my commentary today and jump right in to our weekly craft — an egg carton butterfly!

egg carton butterfly decorated as a monarch butterfly

You’ll only need four things:
Egg carton
Pipe cleaner

Cut out one of the 12 egg carton cups and cut a slit almost down to the middle on each side. Fold out the four flaps, which will become your wings. You can trim off any sharp edges to make them look more like a butterfly.

folded out and trimmed egg carton

Decorate your butterfly wings. You can make something that mimics an actual butterfly, or go crazy and use your imagination.

colored egg carton section

Cut a pipe cleaner in half and fold it in half around the middle of your butterfly. Twist at the top to create two antenna.

two egg carton butterflies

Take your butterfly outside and pretend it’s flying in the summer breeze.

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