Coffee filter fox face

Crafts are fun, but sometimes they are expensive. You have to go buy Popsicle sticks, googly eyes, tissue paper, balloons or string. Sometimes, supply purchases really add up.

But this craft is simple, and you probably already have all the supplies right at home to make an adorable fox face.

All you’ll need is:
Two coffee filters
Orange and black markers
Glue stick

Begin by flattening out your coffee filters. On one, fold in each side to mark where the face will be and fold them back out. Use the fold lines as a guide for coloring, and color the inside orange.

folded coffee filter

Run a gluestick along the outside of the coffee filter where it is still white. Fold in and glue down — our gluestick was a disappearing purple color, so don’t mind the purple streaks!glued fox face

Use the black marker to draw on your nose and eyes, and then flatten the second coffee filter. Cut two triangles out of it, and color those orange as well.

Flip your fox face over and glue the two triangles — orange side down — to the back of the head.

Flip back over, and you have yourself a coffee filter fox face!

completed fox face with markers

You can also use coffee filters to make a butterfly (butterfly instructions here) or a snowflake (snowflake instructions here).