Marbled paper craft

The first session of No School Day Camp was so much fun, and we’re excited for our sold-out second session in a couple of weeks.

During the 2019 No School Day Camp, kids were able to make marbled paper, which is a simple craft that you can do at home as well.

Photo of marbled paperopens IMAGE file

Frame the decorative paper, turn it into the cover for a nature journal, fold it to make cards for family members, use it as a scrapbook background — there are so many uses for pretty paper.

To make your own marbled paper, you’ll need:
Shaving cream
Liquid food coloring
A jelly roll pan
A wooden dowel, straw or other stirrer
A ruler, putty scraper or similar item

Begin by spraying shaving cream onto your jelly roll pan and level out the shaving cream with your scraping tool.

Squirt food coloring onto the surface of the shaving cream and use your wooden dowel to swirl the color into whatever pattern you would like.

Lay your cardstock down and gently pat is so the bottom of covered in your shaving cream mixture.

Photo of paper covered in colored shaving creamopens IMAGE file

Pull your cardstock off of the shaving cream and flip it with the cream side up. Use your ruler or putty scraper to scrape off all of the shaving cream.

Photo of girl scraping off shaving creamopens IMAGE file

Let the paper dry.

Then put on some plastic gloves and play in the shaving cream without dying your hands colors. Kids really love the texture of shaving cream, and it’s a great tactile activity while the paper is drying.

Photo of kids playing in colored shaving creamopens IMAGE file

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