Handprint/footprint flower craft

Kids like to draw on themselves --- or on their siblings.

Faces covered in permanent marker. Arms decorated with stripes and dots. Bellies covered in color.

This craft lets kids actually paint themselves for a purpose as you create a fun handprint/footprint flower!

handprint flower

You'll need:
11x17 paper

Squirt green paint onto the feet of your kids and let them use their hands to spread it all around. Then step onto the page in a V for the leaves of their flower. Use a green-covered finger to create the stem up to where the flower will go.

Wash off feet and hands.

Squirt colored paint on their hands and rub them together to cover.

hand covered in paint

My adult-sized hand only fit once on the page, but you may be able to fit multiple flower hands with littles. Press hands onto the page where the stem(s) lead.


Wash hands.

Use another color to make a center of each flower with the tip of a finger.

Wash hands.

And you have a beautiful flower, a memory of your kids hands and feet sizes and color on their bodies that actually washes off!

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