Wearable nature bracelet

woman with a nature bracelet on

So many kids love to bring home trinkets, whether they are visiting a museum, a mall or a park.

But moms often discourage bringing home more stuff that will just lie around. However, we have a fun solution for picking up tiny items on your next walk, and this way kids can wear their findings proudly.

For this nature bracelet, you’ll need:

Duct tape
Strip of leather
Cling wrap
Hole punch
Small nature items --- leaf bits, grasses, seed heads, small flowers, tiny rocks, etc.

Cut a piece of tape just longer than will wrap around your child’s wrist. Wrap the tape around the wrist, sticky side out, an use the excess to stick it to itself so it won’t fall off.

woman with tape wrapped around her wrist

Head outside and stick on whatever fun stuff your child finds.

(You can also play Nature Bingo on your walk. Download free bingo cards here.)

tape with nature items stuck to it

Back inside, unstick the end with excess. Cover the entire sticky side with a piece of cling wrap and pat down so it sticks around the items. Trim off the excess.

(Use leftover nature stuff to make a floral suncatcher. Instructions are here.)

tape covered in cling wrap

Hole punch each end and slide the piece of leather through the holes. Put it on the child’s wrist and tie with the leather strap.

Watch the child’s face light up as they get to proudly show off their findings to everyone they pass by!

(Next time you go outside, go on a shape walk.)

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