Make a toad hand puppet

Since we talked today about five facts that will make you love toads (read the blog post here), we decided to make a toad-themed craft.

If you look up toad crafts, there are not a lot out there! Like we mentioned in the blog post, toads tend to get overlooked in favor of their more colorful cousins --- frogs. However, we think toads are pretty cool, and we have a fun idea of how to make an adorable, moving toad puppet.

What you'll need:
A paper lunch bag
Markers --- browns, yellows, reds
White cardstock
Red cardstock

Begin by decorating your paper bag with dots that represent the bumpy warts on a toad's body. Some toads have brown warts, some have warts that are red or even yellow.

paper bag with spots

Cut out two circle, about an inch in diameter, from the white cardstock. Color pupils of the eyes with a dark brown marker.

Cut out an approximately one-inch wide strip of red cardstock, the entire length of the sheet. Tightly roll the strip of red paper.

example of rolling red paper

Glue the eyes to the top of the paper bag flap and the tongue to the bottom of the paper bag flap.

Put your hand in the bag and your fingers into the flap so that it moves and its tongue wiggles as you move your hand!

the completed puppet

If you want your creation to move even more, try out leaping frog origami. You could even use brown paper and make it leaping toad origami!