Add some color to your snowy world with ice balls

Our naturalists are incredibly creative, and it’s fun to watch their ideas take shape.

For Nature Tots in January, Bryanna Kuhlman, our environmental education coordinator, and Ashley Hansen, our naturalist, put together snow activities that included snow volcanoes, snow painting and playing with ice balloons.

Photo of colored ice balloons

If you’re looking for a way to make the snow more colorful, you can find directions on snow painting here or try out making some ice sculptures to play with outdoors.

First, grab some molds. Try ice cube trays, water balloons, rubber gloves or even a small tackle box.

Photo of water balloons being filled

Fill them with water and then add in a few drops of food coloring. Swirl the food coloring around to get your desired color depth.

Put items in the freezer until solid.

Cut the balloons to reveal your round ice balls or pop the ice out of your other molds.

Photo of frozen purple ice

Place outside in the white snow for some color, use the blocks to stack or play gentle catch with the ice balls — I said gentle!

It’s fun to just add some color to the white wonderland.

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