Celebrate winter with a craft stick snowflake

During the holiday break, my mother-in-law was putting her former-teacher skills into action.

After a Christmas cookie decorating contest for the family in which she gave out awards such as “Most symmetrical tree” and “Most wordy,” she broke out a snowflake craft for her three granddaughters to work on while their father was out grilling prime rib with their Papa.Photo of three popsicle snowflakes

I put together a few craft stick snowflakes for kids to decorate at the Dickinson County Nature Center and thought I’d make a few examples for families to try at home as well.

You’ll need:

Eight craft sticks, per snowflake

Glue (I used a hot glue gun, but make sure a parent is there to do this for the kids)

White paint

Embellishments (Jewels, glitter, beads, cotton balls, stickers, etc.)Photo of hot glue gun on popsicle snowflake

Start by gluing two craft sticks into an X, and then add another X on top of that for an eight-sided snowflake.

Paint the snowflake with white acrylic. Before it dries, pour on glitter so that it sticks in the paint or add some cotton fluff for a powdery snow effect.Photo of pouring glitter on a popsicle snowflake

After the glue dries, hot glue (with the help of an adult) beads, jewels or other embellishments.

If you want to hang your snowflakes, you can add a ribbon, otherwise prop them up in a windowsill, add a magnet on the back to put them on the fridge or set them on the branches of a tree indoors.

Photo of a popsicle snowflake

The perfect snowflake to add some wintry goodness inside to match the beauty of the white stuff outside.

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