It really works: Leaping frog origami

I am by no means an origami expert, but I always feel accomplished when I complete a new project.

We've tried butterfly origami (you can find that blog entry here) and today decided to attempt making interactive origami --- a leaping frog!

Steps 1-4: Fold your paper hot dog, then crease the right and left corners down.

Graphic with origami instructions Step 1-4opens IMAGE file

Steps 5-8: Fold the creased sides in at the top to make a triangle and then fold the corners upward. Fold the flat bottom upward and then the sides in.

Graphic with origami instructions steps 5-8opens IMAGE file

Steps 9-12: Fold the bottom up again and then the side corners of the bottom down. Pop the corners out on the bottom and then fold them down again to create feet.

Graphic with origami instructions steps 9-12opens IMAGE file

Steps 13-15: Fold the feet out. Fold the bottom up, and then half of it back down so you have an accordion at the back of the frog.

Graphic with origami instructions steps 13-15opens IMAGE file

Flip your frog over, push down on the accordion fold on the back and let go! Your frog will jump right out of your hands.

(Read why frogs are the real living dead here.)

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