Leave behind your nature art

Andy Goldsworthy is an intriguing nature artist who makes art, takes a photo and then leaves his art behind.

(See some of Goldsworthy's art here.)

From piles of leaves that look like three-dimensional pits to rocks balanced in arches, his art inspires you to head outside and see what you can make with the items that you find around you.

So, I decided to try it and challenge you to take your family along for a fun, artistic craft walk this fall.

I started in the Kenue Park Nature Playscape, picking up a variety of large sticks strewn among the dried bur oak leaves in the green grass. Finding a flat area by the treehouse in the playscape, I started arranging the sticks in a circular fashion and then built out concentric circles.

Photo of a stick circleopens IMAGE file

It didn't turn out photowise quite as great as Goldsworthy's, but it was still fun to produce.

Then I head deeper into Kenue Park, along the paved trail, and figured I could do something with the many, many acorns that have been dropping from the oak trees in the restored savanna.

Photo of a hand holding acornsopens IMAGE file

I picked up handfuls and took them into the green grass just off the trail and started to make an arrow. Handful after handful after handful, the giant arrow began to take shape. Each time I came back with a new batch of acorns, I had to look hard to find where the large arrow was, because it blended in so well with the nature around it.

When I was finished, I decided to call it "Into the Woods." Let nature point you where you want to go.

Photo of an arrow made out of acornsopens IMAGE file

Take the kids out today and make a craft that will eventually meld its way back into nature. Take a photo, and let that, and your memory, be your only record.

Guaranteed it will make the next person that stumbles across your art smile, and inspired to create their own.