Make your own trail mix

Trail mix is a wonderful treat on the go, and it usually has pretty healthy items in it, however, it's hard to get something that everyone likes. This mix has nuts, which someone picks out. This mix has dried bananas, which you hate. This one doesn't have enough M&Ms (because that is every mix...)

So it's a great idea to make your own trail mix, that way it will be one your family will love, and you can make it as healthy, or unhealthy, as you want it to be.

Start out with a variety of seeds, nuts, fruit and a little chocolate, because otherwise trail mix tastes like wood.

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I decided to make my mix in a clear plastic cup, just so that it would have a pretty, layered effect, but the easiest way is obviously to throw it in a resealable container or plastic bag.

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Cashews made the perfect base layer, and then after salty you need a little sweet, so I added raisins next.

We have both honey roasted and plain, salted peanuts, but I wanted a little more flavor so I added the honey roasted variety to the mix.

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The mix was starting to look a little bland, so I threw in a few mini M&Ms for color, followed by a seasonal favorite --- pumpkin seeds. Cranberries, sunflower seeds, regular peanuts, mini chocolate chips and I was almost done.

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But what to top the trail mix with? It looked a little flat and sad, so I busted open the bag of Cracker Jack and threw a few pieces of caramel corn on top like a crunchy crown.


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The only sad thing about this trail mix? The Cracker Jack prize was a disappointment. To see the "magic" in the sticker, you had to download an app. Who wants to take the time to do that?

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