Taking a break at Superior Marsh

I sat in the county's Ford Escape writing this, because I had some time on my hands that I didn't want to waste.

Photo of snowy plainopens IMAGE file

The view outside the window is quite nice. Dried prairie grasses, sticking out above the pure white snow, billow in the breeze. The bright sun shines down, its rays bouncing off the crystalline blanket on the ground.

The off-the-beaten path park is beautiful, with hills rolling up from the lowland and meeting the bright blue sky in the distance. The breeze is cool, but it is refreshing to get outside as the seasons change.

Photo of snowy plainopens IMAGE file

I was surprised when I pulled into the parking lot on 130th Street today that I wasn't the first one there since Friday's snow. Tire tracks led into the small lot, and footprints took off into the park. The snow wasn't too deep --- a pair of boots and you'd be just fine.

Photo of boot tracks in the snowopens IMAGE file

Even on the north side of the park, more tire tracks and footprints showed other people have been enjoying time outside in the beginning-of-winter weather.

Cars drive by every once in a while, but at the moment all I can hear is the pen scratching on paper, my jacket sleeve rubbing against the page as the writing moves across and the wind blowing past the window.

Photo of grass blowing in the breezeopens IMAGE file

Sometimes you don't even have to get out of the car for long to enjoy a park and a good view. Which is a good thing, because as I write this I can't leave. I got overzealous with what the county vehicle could do and got stuck in the snow...

So head out and enjoy Superior Marsh, but if you pull off to the north side of the property instead of going to the main entrance, I would recommend four-wheel drive.

(Jahn Wildlife Area is another park off the beaten path.)

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