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My Giving Tree craft

Crafts don’t always come together the way you think they will. I had a brilliant idea this morning to make place cards with leaf etchings on them, and I tried it out. Yikes. Ugly. If you come up with something pretty with that idea, let me know. So instead, I decided to post how to…

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Taste test acorn cookies during Thanksgiving hike

Photo of a hike through tall grass

Acorns, acorns everywhere. Kenue Park is full of acorns that have fallen from the bur oaks in the oak savanna, and squirrels get so happy to store them up for a good snack in the winter. (Read about a fun acorn craft here.) However, acorns are not only good for the squirrels. People can enjoy…

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Make your own trail mix

Photo of trail mix in a cup

After the Turkey Trot hike tomorrow, participants will get to make their own trail mix to take home, with some items inspired by what turkeys eat. Trail mix is a wonderful treat on the go, and it usually has pretty healthy items in it, however, it’s hard to get something that everyone likes. This mix…

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Turkey Trot goes through Kenue Park

Photo of a sign that says turkey and pine cone turkeys

The sounds of Thanksgiving — the laughter of family members, the sizzle of delicious items on the stove, the gobble of turkeys. The gobble of turkeys? Maybe most families aren’t hearing this fall sound, their turkeys sitting a little more silently in the kitchen, but if you come to the Dickinson County Nature Center’s Turkey…

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Get in the Thanksgiving mood with a special Hike the Wild

Photo of cabin at Wildwood Nature Preserve

Tis the time of year for thankfulness, so get in the spirit during the Native Thanksgiving Hike the Wild Wednesday, Nov. 25, at Wildwood Nature Preserve in Spirit Lake. Meet at 3 p.m. at the Dickinson County Nature Center in Okoboji and caravan to the site with naturalist Charles Vigdal, who will lead the intermediate…

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Turkey Trot hike Nov. 26

Trot on over to the Dickinson County Nature Center and gobble up some knowledge during the Turkey Trot hike 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 26. Dickinson County Conservation Board naturalists Karess Knudtson and Charles Vigdal will lead young and old alike through Kenue Park in Okoboji to learn all about turkeys as Thanksgiving…

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Turkey Time!

It is about that time when we start thinking about this great American bird, the turkey. It was proposed by Ben Franklin to be our national symbol and almost was hunted to extinction here in American. It is now a world wide celebrity. This handsome fellow will be on display and be used in programs…

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