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Trumpeter swans were once gone from Iowa

Photo of swans being released

Trumpeter swans are a majestic sight. Their graceful long necks. Their brilliant white feathers. Their long, slender wings that help them hover above the earth. As strong as they may look, being the largest waterfowl native to North America, they are not invincible. In fact, they were once extirpated — extinct in a local region…

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Oak savanna restoration project underway at Horseshoe Bend

Photo of native prairie flowers

Dickinson County Conservation Board vegetation specialist Aric Ping takes readers this week through a fantastic oak savanna restoration process started this summer at Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area. “If you’ve ever gone through our parks and wondered, “Why did they cut down that tree?” or, “Why did they burn this area?” then this is the post…

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