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Taste test acorn cookies during Thanksgiving hike

Photo of a hike through tall grass

Acorns, acorns everywhere. Kenue Park is full of acorns that have fallen from the bur oaks in the oak savanna, and squirrels get so happy to store them up for a good snack in the winter. (Read about a fun acorn craft here.) However, acorns are not only good for the squirrels. People can enjoy…

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Dig a little deeper, paint a little browner

Photo of prairie clay

I (Kiley) know I made this exhibit at the Dickinson County Nature Center, but this might be the most boring thing I’ve ever written. Thirty-six inches down in our soil, you will find loam which is characterized by common, fine, distinct brownish yellow mottles, a weak fine prismatic structure…yikes. It continues but I won’t bore…

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It’s time to think about spring planting

Photo of a honeybee on a flower

Bring back the bees. Bring back the butterflies. With pollinator populations dropping drastically in recent years, the push to bring them back has spread. But how do we do that? One of the best ways is to plant native flowers and grasses in our landscaping, providing pollinator habitat and food sources. Native plantings also offer…

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Superior Marsh — Head off the beaten track

Photo of trees and a blue sky at Superior Marsh

It was May 20, 1996, when the Dickinson County Conservation Board decided to purchase a 40-acre piece of property quite a distance from its headquarters. What is now known as Superior Marsh is located 1.5 miles northeast of Superior and 1.5 miles east of Swan Lake and originally included 31 acres that was part of…

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Judd Wildlife Area is a prairie paradise

Photo of a stream winding through the prairie

Bobolinks nesting in the prairie, Blanding’s turtles resting by the stream, bald eagles flying overhead — a walk through the Judd Wildlife Area allows some of nature’s finest to show off. Twenty years ago, the Dickinson County Conservation Board looked to add a public recreation area south of Milford, and a Wildlife Habitat Stamp grant…

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Earth Day Celebration 4-8 p.m. April 15

Photo of woman dressed as conservationist Frances Hamerstrom

“If I could put together all the virgin landscapes which I knew in my youth and show what has happened to them in one generation it would be the best object lesson in conservation that could be printed.” Jay Norwood Darling, better known as Ding, saw the landscape in Iowa change through his lifetime, from…

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Earth Day Celebration April 17

When famed conservationist Aldo Leopold was a child, he loved to get up early and traipse to the local diner for breakfast with his dad. Then the pair would head off to a local marsh to soak in the beauty of nature while they waited for ducks to arrive to the Leopolds’ favorite hunting spot.…

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Prescribed Burn Underway

Fire is an extremely important aspect in the health and diversity of a prairie. Prior to the arrival of Europeans on the American continent prairie fires occurred naturally due to lightning strikes, today though we use prescribed, controlled burns to safely maintain our native prairies. Fire rejuvenates a prairie in many ways.  Burning removes the…

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New Displays are on the Way!

Exciting changes are underway at the Nature Center! Our naturalists have been hard at work designing and producing an entirely new and exciting array of interior displays to inspire and educate our visitors as we wait for spring to arrive. On Monday these designs began the transition into reality as the walls of the Nature…

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