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Watch the Okoboji Osprey lifespan

From migrating north to reproduction and caring for chicks to migration south, the osprey lifespan is fascinating! Don’t forget to download the Okoboji Osprey Activity Book complete with word search, dot-to-dot and Migration Mad Libs. Click here to access the free activity book.

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Seven differences between osprey and bald eagles

When people see the large nest inside the Dickinson County Nature Center and the big raptors on the outdoor nest during the summer, they often think they are bald eagles. Many people don’t realize that after being extirpated in Iowa, osprey populations have started to make a comeback in the 2000s. Each summer, osprey come…

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Osprey fly south in the winter to whereabouts unknown

Photo of a female osprey with chicks

The Okoboji osprey pair and their three grown chicks are gone for the season, last spotted about the second week of September before heading south. But where exactly are they going? And why do they leave? Where are they going? We’re not exactly sure. Although the osprey male that has habited the Dickinson County Nature Center…

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Osprey Diary: Trying out his wings

Photo of an osprey chick flapping its wings

They grow up so fast. One day you’re using your wings to make sure no cool breeze touches your tiny chicks, and the next they don’t fit underneath you. One moment they’re the size of an egg, and the next their wings stretch out as far as yours. One second they’re hunkered down to stay…

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Osprey Diary: We’re back!

Photo of two osprey in their nest

Blue skies. Warm temperatures. Fresh fish. It was a beautiful winter down south, and it was rejuvenating. I’m a bit of a loner in the off-season, and I needed some time away from my husband after our tragic loss of our chicks last year. I needed some mental recuperation, and the gorgeous winter provided me…

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Move over eagles, the Okoboji osprey are back

The Okoboji osprey landed in their nest outside the Dickinson County Nature Center on Monday, April 7. The osprey usually return in April, although this year was slightly earlier than usual. This will be the fourth nesting for the banded male and wild female, who raised three successful babies last year. The babies that hatched…

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Two Osprey chicks are hatched!

We currently have two little baby ospreys up on the nest. The first chick was reported as hatching on Saturday morning (June 1st) at about 5:15am and the second baby osprey hatched earlier today, Monday June 3rd. We are very excited. Continue to watch the nest to see them feeding and caring for the little…

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Nature Center Program Correction on Tuesday, April 16th

Tuesday Night Science – Return of the Okoboji Osprey Tuesday, April 16th at 6pm Instead of “Okoboji reads Leopold” program we will have “Return of the Okoboji Osprey” program  Tuesday, April 16th at 6pm in the Nature Center. The Osprey are back at the Nature Center! Come to our Tuesday night science program and learn…

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