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Fall bird migration through Iowa isn’t rushed

October 5, 2017
Photo of a hooded merganser duck

Sabine’s gull Sabine’s gulls are an Arctic species that typically migrate along the coasts or at sea, but one was spotted in Dickinson County in September. During the Sept. 30 Birdwatchers Anonymous birding trek, Lee Schoenewe and his group of birders found this rare species at a marsh just west of Little ...

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Learn from birding pros with Birding on the Green

April 21, 2017
Photo of a woman looking through binoculars

The “oo-eek, oo-eek” of a female wood duck. The “wha-wha-wha” of a white-breasted nuthatch. The “tee-yee” courtship call of an American goldfinch. Listen hard and you may hear all of these and more during the Birding of the Green program 7 a.m. Monday, May 1, at Brooks National Golf Club in ...

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Tips for birding in northwest Iowa

January 6, 2017
Photo of a house finch catching a worm

A flock of small gray birds appears in your yard, hopping around in the snow eating some seed that has spilled from your backyard bird feeders. Another red-headed bird sits on the feeder, pecking at the sunflower seeds inside. But do you know the names of the species that you see? Local birder ...

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Do you need to attend Birdwatchers Anonymous?

November 4, 2016
Photo of a yellow-headed blackbird

Common loons in winter plumage, a beautiful western grebe, migrating surf scoters — October’s Birdwatchers Anonymous group documented several exciting species. Dickinson County Conservation’s birding offerings have expanded this year as local birder Lee Schoenewe volunteered to lead excursions beyond the normal summer Birding on the Green programs. He wanted people ...

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