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Introducing Pioneer Park Nature Preserve

Photo of Milford Creek

Blue flag iris, dickcissels, monarch butterflies — the Pioneer Park Nature Preserve will be a haven for flora, fauna and outdoorsmen in Dickinson County. The Dickinson County Conservation Board will tour its newest area, located just south of Milford along Highway 71, during its next Hike the Wild program Tuesday, May 23. Meet at the…

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Knudtson creates encaustic magic

Photo of Karess Knudtson's encaustic photography

An old cupboard door, beeswax and a beautiful photograph. It doesn’t seem like these items have much in common, but Karess Knudtson puts them together like magic. The environmental education coordinator at the Dickinson County Nature Center spends some of her spare time creating unique works of art that she will display in the eARTh…

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