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Learn about the butterflies and moths found in Dickinson County

Photo of a monarch butterfly hanging from its chrysalis

Five families of butterflies call Dickinson County home, including 70 different species. But how much do you know about them? Naturalist Ashley Hansen will teach people about the native butterflies and moths of the Iowa Great Lakes area during the first program in the new Pollinator Education series 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 22, at the…

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Do bugs freak you out?

Photo of an earwig

“Bugs just freak people out.” Entomologist Emily Fontenot has seen this happen time and time again, people shuddering at the thought of insects, but that reaction is usually not warranted. And the way people deal with bugs is not always the best either. Instead of a spray-first mentality, Fontenot will give alternative solutions during a…

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“My Insect Collection”

Photo of Timothy Frostestad in front of his insect collection

Spirit Lake High School student Timothy Frostestad has a collection that people two or three times his age would be proud of. On display in the Dickinson County Nature Center library is his expansive insect collection that features butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders and other interesting species. The collection began when Frostestad was only in kindergarten,…

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