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Enjoy the outdoors with Hike the Wild

Photo of people walking on a snowy trail

If you have hay fever after what seems like a long winter and are just itching to get outside, the Dickinson County Conservation Board has the answer. Its monthly Hike the Wild program restarts for 2018 on Tuesday, Feb. 27, with a special snowshoe hike at Elinor Bedell State Park. “Snowshoeing is always weather dependent,…

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Taste test acorn cookies during Thanksgiving hike

Photo of a hike through tall grass

Acorns, acorns everywhere. Kenue Park is full of acorns that have fallen from the bur oaks in the oak savanna, and squirrels get so happy to store them up for a good snack in the winter. (Read about a fun acorn craft here.) However, acorns are not only good for the squirrels. People can enjoy…

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Hike the Wild continues this fall

Photo of a forested stream

The next Hike the Wild programs with the Dickinson County Conservation Board take people to sites outside of the county. “It’s just good to explore new places,” said environmental education coordinator Bryanna Kuhlman. Experience Fort Defiance State Park in the fall during the next hike Tuesday, Sept. 26. Meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Dickinson…

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Introducing Pioneer Park Nature Preserve

Photo of Milford Creek

Blue flag iris, dickcissels, monarch butterflies — the Pioneer Park Nature Preserve will be a haven for flora, fauna and outdoorsmen in Dickinson County. The Dickinson County Conservation Board will tour its newest area, located just south of Milford along Highway 71, during its next Hike the Wild program Tuesday, May 23. Meet at the…

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Celebrating the days getting longer

Burning a yule log, a yule log cake, yule log ornaments on our Christmas trees — but do we really even know where the yule log tradition came from? Naturalist Charles Vigdal will explain to all those who attend the Winter Solstice Hike 3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 22, at Kenue Park in Okoboji. “Most cultures…

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A diamond in Dickinson County

Photo of a yellow-flowered prairie area

“I never knew this place existed!” Dickinson County naturalists Mary Petersen and Charles Vigdal hear this comment during almost every Hike the Wild program, which takes people to public areas throughout the county. They expect to hear this again as the next program takes people to Diamond Lake Tuesday, Oct. 25. “It is a beautiful…

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Hike the Wild begins Jan. 26 for 2016 season

Photo of a forest overlook with snow

Snowshoes, snow boots, hiking boots, sneakers, sandals. Break out whatever kind of hiking footwear the season calls for and join the Dickinson County Conservation Board’s monthly Hike the Wild program. The 2016 calendar kicks off Tuesday, Jan. 26, with a trip to the Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area to hike the beautiful Little Sioux River flood…

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Surviving an Iowa winter — Winter Survival Hike Dec. 23

Photo of naturalist leading a hike through the snow

You can find north with just a stick and two rocks. Naturalist Charles Vigdal will teach you how during the Winter Survival Hike the Wild 3 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 23, at Kenue Park in Okoboji. The final Hike the Wild program for 2015 will get people into the park just outside the Dickinson County Nature…

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