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It’s all free — summer programming for kids

Photo of kids building shelter out of sticks

There’s a big world outside of our TV, computer and phone screens, and the Dickinson County Nature Center plans to show kids just how much fun it is. Summer programming for Nature Explorers and Young Naturalists is focusing on outdoor recreation this summer. From fishing to disc golf to geocaching, youth will experience ways they…

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Kenue Park celebrates 28th birthday this year

Photo of the Westport Schoolhouse with new wood shingles

“The Dickinson County Conservation Board has done it again. “They have taken a major recreation step in the Iowa Great Lakes, not unlike the creation a number of years ago of a winter recreation park called Horseshoe Bend, southwest of Milford. “This time, they have all the bases covered, with the new park providing spring,…

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Top 10 winter activities in our county parks

Photo of a deer hoof print in the snow

We live in Iowa because we like seasons. If we didn’t like seeing leaves bud in the spring and fall in autumn, if we didn’t like to see snowflakes dust the ground, if we didn’t like to a warm fire outside on a cool evening, we would all live in the tropics. This winter has…

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Winter Geocaching at Horseshoe Bend Dec. 31

Photo of children looking at a GPS unit

“Just because the temperatures have dropped and it’s snowing doesn’t mean we have to put the GPS units away,” said environmental education coordinator Karess Knudtson. So get out your smartphone or register to borrow one of the conservation board’s GPS units and go geocaching 11 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 31, at Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area in…

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