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Family Nature Night focuses on Amazing Monarchs

Monarch butterflies are many people’s favorite pollinator. “They’re beautiful at every phase of their life,” said Bryanna Kuhlman, environmental education coordinator for the Dickinson County Conservation Board. “Their caterpillars are very showy and their chrysalises are very showy. It’s green with beautiful gold around it, and when they come out, they have a beautiful, intricate…

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StarLab comes to Family Nature Night

Photo of a meteor

“Do you want to know the difference between comets, meteors, asteroids and meteorites?” asked naturalist Ashley Hansen. She will explain these differences during the next Family Nature Night Friday, July 26, at the Dickinson County Nature Center. A portable StarLab inflatable planetarium will be set up in Pollinator Paradise for programs at 7 p.m. and…

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Test your prehistoric hunting abilities during Family Nature Night

Photo of youth throwing spear with atlatl

Atlatl is an odd word. This ancient spear-throwing tool was used by prehistoric peoples in Iowa to achieve greater velocity when hunting with spears. It’s probably not something you’ve seen, or even heard of, but you can try your hand at using one during Family Nature Night 7 p.m. Friday, June 28, at the Dickinson…

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