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Help fund family fun at Pollinator Paradise

Photo of stonework completed on construction project

We love pollinators at the Dickinson County Nature Center. And we want to share that love with you. That’s why the Conservation Foundation of Dickinson County is continuing to raise funds to complete the new Pollinator Paradise addition to the nature center in Okoboji. (See construction updates here.) Construction began on the $1.7 million addition…

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Make your own backyard birding binoculars

Photo of a goldfinch

Birding is such a popular hobby because everyone can do it. Whether you are backyard birding, taking a hike or even boating, you can always catalogue the birds that you see. The Backyard Birding exhibit at the Dickinson County Nature Center features nests of some of the most common birds you might see right outside…

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Walks rock when you’re looking for rocks

Photo of rock collection

This week, Teddy the turtle heads to the Dickinson County Nature Center lower level to check out the geology exhibit. From Colorado to Texas, New York to Arkansas, volunteer Jerry Wiekamp traveled the United States, visiting mines and collecting geological specimens that are now on display at the Dickinson County Nature Center. The gold ore…

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Crawl through a fox burrow

Photo of a turtle by a fox burrow hole

Interestingly, red foxes don’t often use burrows or dens to stay warm in the winter. They can stay warm during the cold months simply by curling their fluffy tails around them. However, this is the time of year they might be thinking about finding a den. Red foxes mate during the late winter, and by…

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Connecting with Nature Through Sculpture exhibit on display

Photo of a sculpture model

Metal sculptures and nature might not seem to be connected, but to Spirit Lake artist Bill Lieb, they definitely are. Lieb’s new exhibit in the eARTh exhibit area at the Dickinson County Nature Center, Connecting with Nature Through Sculpture, exhibits the relationship between certain site-specific pieces he has created and the environments they reside in.…

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“My Insect Collection”

Photo of Timothy Frostestad in front of his insect collection

Spirit Lake High School student Timothy Frostestad has a collection that people two or three times his age would be proud of. On display in the Dickinson County Nature Center library is his expansive insect collection that features butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders and other interesting species. The collection began when Frostestad was only in kindergarten,…

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Welcome to the bat cave

Photo of faux bats hanging from the ceiling

It all started as the Dickinson County Conservation Board staff members met about what displays needed finished up in the spring of 2015. That’s when our director said he had a dream to have a bridge in the nature center that people could cross. It seemed simple, but put a bunch of creative and excited…

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Inside the nature center: Backyard Birding

Photo of the backyard birding exhibit

In the early months of 2015, the Dickinson County Nature Center was full of flying pieces of foam. The charged particles clung to every surface as we cut through bricks and sheets of Styrofoam to create the base for the new Backyard Birding exhibit. After the base was set and painted green, individual clumps of…

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