Osprey Diary: Transition time

osprey in a nest

I was sitting on the nest like any other day when I felt it. Tap, tap, tap. A soft rhythm was coming from inside one of my brown speckled eggs. Tap, tap, tap. It was time. I had done my job and the babies were ready to break out of their shells and meet us Read More »

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Osprey Diaries: Survival of the Fittest

three osprey chicks in their nest

  My babies are starting to grow up nice and strong. And that’s what an osprey needs to be — strong. We must have strong eyes to see fish in the water from 100 feet in the air. We must have strong wings to let us take off from the water when we catch a Read More »

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Osprey Diary: Hatching and eating

three newly hatched osprey chicks

It started to happen Friday, May 27. I was sitting on my three eggs, like I had been for what seemed like forever, and then I felt some movement. I got up from my comfortable spot and rolled the eggs around with my beak, making sure that they were getting heated from each side, and Read More »

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