Canada Goose Made of Hearts

goose craft project finished

Canada Geese are very common around Iowa and if you have ever wondered if you could have one as a pet, now you can. Our craft of the week features our animal of the week. It allows you to have your very own Canada Goose.   Supplies: Colored paper: white, black, tan, and brown Pencil Read More »

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Canada Geese in Iowa

canada geese by lake

Geese are very common in Iowa, but did you know their full name is the Canada Goose? There isn’t a very good explanation as to why it’s called a Canada Goose but my guess is they must have a large home base in Canada. They breed in much of North America where there is water Read More »

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Seven waterfowl to look for during migration

hooded merganser

The Iowa Great Lakes and the smaller lakes and wetlands in the area are starting to melt. That means that birds that flew south to warmer areas for the winter are now flying back north to their summer breeding grounds. Waterfowl are definitely on the move this month, and it’s fun to see the birds Read More »

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