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Spring photography contest opens

Photo by Alex Miles

The moon slowly moved across the daytime sky, blocking out more and more of the sun until it finally covered it completely, just for a moment before the sun started to peek through again. That was the moment, with fuzzy cloud coverage, Alex Miles clicked the camera shutter, stilling in time this majestic solar eclipse…

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Fall photography contest announced

Photograph of a downy woodpecker in a tree

A broken ice trail, a downy woodpecker poking its head out of a hole, a macro shot of tree bark — these three photographs were the winners of the spring photography contest at the Dickinson County Nature Center. “There is so much in nature to be in awe of, and photographers are all inspired by…

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It’s all free — summer programming for kids

Photo of kids building shelter out of sticks

There’s a big world outside of our TV, computer and phone screens, and the Dickinson County Nature Center plans to show kids just how much fun it is. Summer programming for Nature Explorers and Young Naturalists is focusing on outdoor recreation this summer. From fishing to disc golf to geocaching, youth will experience ways they…

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Barbara Tagami exhibits nature art, teaches classes


Forager, naturalist, fisherwoman, environmental educator, eclectic nature artist. You can use a lot of words to describe Spirit Lake resident Barbara Tagami, but maybe one of the best words to use is passionate. She is passionate about the outdoors, and she will display some of that passion in her nature art exhibit October-December at the…

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Connecting with Nature Through Sculpture exhibit on display

Photo of a sculpture model

Metal sculptures and nature might not seem to be connected, but to Spirit Lake artist Bill Lieb, they definitely are. Lieb’s new exhibit in the eARTh exhibit area at the Dickinson County Nature Center, Connecting with Nature Through Sculpture, exhibits the relationship between certain site-specific pieces he has created and the environments they reside in.…

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