Programs & Pricing

The Recycling Center has established various programs for disposal of specific waste-streams. Items accepted at the Recycling Center include: Electronics, Waste Tires, Scrap Metal, White Goods and Yard Waste. The following information provides a description of each category and current disposal costs. Please note that the Recycling Center produces wood chips (mulch) and compost from collected yard waste and makes these products available – free of charge – to anyone who can use them.

In addition to the above items, the Recycling Center also accepts Household Hazardous Materials (HHMs) from residents of Dickinson County and from county businesses that meet specific qualifications. If you are interested in disposal of HHMs, please check our site’s pages titled “Hazardous Materials” and “Business HHM Disposal” for more information.


Electronic Waste
Electronic waste (E-Waste) are items such   as televisions, computers, radios, copiers, stereo systems and printers.

Fee schedule for E-Waste disposal is:

TV’s (up to 19″ screen)                 $15.00
TV’s (20″ to 27″ screen)               $20.00
TV’s (28″ to 40″ screen)               $25.00
TV’s (41″ and up screen)              $30.00
Flat Panel TVs & Monitors          $10.00
Computer Monitor                        $15.00
Computer System (no monitor) $ 8.00
Stereos, VCR’s, Lap Tops, etc.    $8.00

Tires  –  Tires must be clean
13″ to 16″             $  7.00
17″ to 20″            $12.00
21″ & above –      $15.00
Semi Tires –        $17.00
Lg. Agriculture – Call for prices
If left on rim – add $10  per tire

Scrap Metal
Metal such as bicycles, lawnmowers, fencing, pipe, garage doors, etc. are accepted free of charge and must be free of contaminants and manageable in size.

Yard Waste
Trees and tree trimmings, brush, grass clippings, garden waste and leaves are accepted.

Bagged  –                      50 cents/bag
Trailer (1 axle)  –         $10.00
Trailer (2 axle)  –        $20.00
Pickup –                        $10.00
Single Axle Truck –     $20.00
Double Axle Truck –   $30.00
Roll-Off/Side Dump -$60.00

White Goods
Home appliances such as stoves, water heaters, air conditioners, dryers, washing machines, freezers, microwaves, etc.

Disposal fee for all items is $12.00 each

Wood Chips & Compost
The Recycling Center has available, free of charge, wood chips, and compost. Wood chips are beneficial for planting and care of trees & bushes by inhibiting weed growth and conserving moisture. Compost is beneficial to enhance soil fertility and lessen soil compaction.

Call 712-338-2549 or email to check on availability